Time to Stop

Time to stop

If you're heading out, we want you to make it a night to remember for the right reasons.

Our time to stop campaign aims to educate, inform and reassure party-goers around the night time economy.

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  • Time to stop: What is it?

    A joint campaign for Norfolk and Suffolk has been launched to tackle rape and serious sexual assault in the county.

  • Time to stop: Promotional material

    Find out about the 'time to stop' campaign and look at some of the promotional material produced to support it.

  • Time to stop: Case studies

    Read case studies from victims whose courage to speak out may give you the strength you need to report it.

  • Short film: 'Look what you did'

    Watch a short film that tells the story of three victims of rape and sexual assault and highlights the work of the SARC in helping them.

  • Marital rape

    It's still rape! Even if the man is her husband, partner or someone she's previously had consensual sex with, a woman has the right to say 'no'.

  • Drug rape

    Drug rape is a label given to acts of rape where the victim has been made incapable through drugs.

  • Reporting a rape

    How to report a rape and what happens after you report a rape.

  • Male rape

    Challenging myths... Men, regardless of their sexuality, can be raped or sexually assaulted.

  • Child abuse

    Child sexual abuse is an abuse of power and an abuse of trust.