Suspicious activity

  • All communities should remain vigilant and report suspicious behaviour to the police.
  • Report individuals asking specific questions about, or taking pictures of, a facility or a farm’s processes.
  • Report any attempts to purchase fertilisers, diesel, herbicides or pesticides by those not authorized or suspicious individuals.


Chemical storage

  • Wherever possible store all fertiliser inside a dedicated locked building or compound.
  • Do not leave fertiliser where it is visible to the public.
  • Do not sell fertiliser unless the purchaser is known by you to be a bona-fide farmer or user.
  • Record fertiliser deliveries and usage and carry out regular stock takes. Report immediately any stock discrepancy or loss to the police.
  • Record any manufacturer code numbers from the bags and detonation resistance test certificates as you may be required to present them.
  • The Health & Safety Executive can provide further advice on the storage and transportation of fertilisers, particularly ammonium nitrate.
Operation Randall

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