Who is calling at your door?

Bogus Callers and Rogue Traders prey on the vulnerable members of society, often stealing irreplaceable sentimental items or taking large amounts of cash from those who can least afford it.

We give a high priority to catching and dealing with these people and have had a number of successes in tracking them down but we also want to help people living in our county to avoid becoming a victim of these criminals.

Operation RADAR A dedicated team called Operation RADAR has been set up in Norfolk Constabulary to tackle all areas of this crime.

The team work in partnership with other agencies including Trading Standards and the Environment Agency.

DS Jessop from the Norfolk Constabulary’s Operation RADAR team says “Your home is yours. You are quite entitled to decline a visit from anyone.

"My advice is if you are not happy with the reasons a person has come to your door or you are not happy with their mere presence, ask them to leave and contact the Police.

"Also, if someone comes to your door telling you they urgently need your help, be aware that this could be a ruse to get you out of your house or for them to enter your house. If you are not happy contact a neighbour, friend, family member or the Police to come to your house to assist.

"Please report anything to us, as we can and will, deal with it”

We have compiled some top tips and hopefully valuable information which may help you or your loved ones if faced with a bogus caller or rogue trader.