25 May 2011

Police in Norfolk stopped a motorist using not one but two mobile phones during a two-week Mobile Phone clampdown. 

Shocked road policing officers spotted the driver holding one phone to his ear talking while using another to text. The driver had his vehicle seized for no insurance and is likely to face a court appearance as a result of both offences.

"Using a mobile phone whilst driving is foolish and unacceptable"

Insp David Ball

More than 239 other people have also learnt that driving whilst using a mobile phone will not be tolerated as the Think! Norfolk partnership enforcement campaign drew to a close.

The Think! Norfolk advertising and enforcement campaign, saw drivers who are caught using a mobile phone whilst driving either appearing in court to face a £60 fixed penalty notice and having their licence endorsed with 3 penalty points or undertaking a re-education programme to look at their reasons for using a mobile phone whilst driving.

This fine can also rise to £1000 if taken through the courts and £2500 if driving a bus, coach, or heavy goods vehicle.

The radio, poster and media advertising campaign which ran throughout May, reminded drivers to 'zip it behind the wheel' and that 'distracted drivers cause destruction'. 

Inspector David Ball, Road Policing, Norfolk Constabulary, challenged those who continue to ignore the law by saying, “Using a mobile phone whilst driving is foolish and unacceptable. It has been shown to multiply the chances of drivers causing a collision which could result in injuring or even killing someone. 

"Is reading that text or making that call worth the risk of ruining yours and other people’s lives forever?”

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