Can you help solve this case?Terry McSpadden

Father of two children, Terry McSpadden was 24 yrs old when he suddenly disappeared on 2nd march 2007. At that time he was living at his friend’s house in Elm, Norfolk ( about 2 miles from Wisbech).

Despite a lengthy investigation by the MIT that has included a number of searches, his body has never been found. Following  a decision by a crown court judge in March 2013 that a suspect charged with the murder of Terry should not be continued the case remains unsolved.

Current progress:

The case will be subject of review and this will include further consideration to searching for and locating Terry McSpadden.


Contact details

SIO: Det Insp Marie James
Unsolved Case Review Manager: Mr Tony Deacon

Contact Tel: 01953 42 4520
Contact Fax: 01953 42 4542

Alternatively you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on: 0800 555 111