6 July 2012

Police are advising drivers to consider the wet weather conditions when travelling today.

Due to the significant amount of rainfall overnight and this morning there are a number of areas affected by standing water.

Norfolk Constabulary's Control Room has only received a handful of extra weather related calls but motorists are being warned to drive with care.

Inspector Ian Bogan, said: "Drivers should slow down and beware of the extra water on the roads which is quite deep in places and can take you by surprise.

"Road surfaces could also be damaged due to the significant downpour, resulting in pot holes.

"Even when the rain stops care should still be taken as it will take some time for the water to disappear."

In addition to there are a number of things drivers should consider before heading out on a journey, of any length, including:

  • Make sure your vehicle is in good condition. 
  • Plan your route in advance, using main roads as far as possible and have enough money and petrol. 
  • What is the weather like - rain or fog bring about different and difficult driving conditions. Listen to local weather forecasts and adjust your driving as necessary. 
  • Carry some change to make a public telephone call if you need to and if possible carry a mobile phone with sufficient credit on it to ring for help.
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