Street Level Crime & Justice Outcomes

The website now include details of justice outcomes in the locality for the most recent quarterly period*.

The  will now provide details of the outcomes of crimes which have previously occurred within their street. The site will show outcomes ranging from ‘no further action taken’ through to court results. The results indicate the overall performance of all criminal justice agencies and there is no direct correlation with the crimes recorded within that period. Explanations regarding the meaning of the data provided are contained within a glossary on the site.’

The service is maintained solely by the Home Office using information provided by partners in the criminal justice system.

As with many other forces, Norfolk Constabulary’s existing crime system was purchased some time before the introduction of and, as a result, was not configured to provide data which exactly matches the requirements of

This may result in some outcomes not being displayed. We are working closely with the Home Office to provide data that fully matches the requirements of and this remains a work in progress.

*Please note, the crime data displayed is monthly and does not correspond to the justice outcomes provided.



Crime Comparator information

Performance monitoring, aims and objectives

Norfolk Constabulary, supported by its Police Authority has seen consistent crime reduction in recent years and continues to be one of the lowest crime counties in England in Home Office reports.

Whilst the Force aims to further reduce crime, the focus is now on those crime types which matter most to the public and cause the greatest amount of harm.In support of this approach Norfolk Constabulary manages its crime in four distinct groups;

Priority Crime

Priority crimes are those which cause the most harm to the community - burglary, robbery, serious violence, theft of and from motor vehicles.

Under-reported crime

Crimes where reporting levels are much lower than the number of actual crimes committed, such as sexual and domestic-related crime. Increased efforts are being made to encourage victims to report these crime types.

Preventative policing

This involves crimes which are often only identified as a direct consequence of police presence or action and, typically, include the possession of drugs or weapons found on individuals. Proactive policing in this way is likely to result in increases in these crimes being reported, but in the prevention of more serious crimes.


Shoplifting and criminal damage are typical volume crimes, i.e., they occur more frequently. Although important, they are crimes which cause less direct harm to the public.

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Street Level Crime

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